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Castle Siege

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Castle Siege Battle
8 hours 43 minutes

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Top Level
Top Rankings
1Mystic Mage1stLemuria1,400Ferea
2Empire LordBananas1,400Temple of Arnil
3Soul WizardMaster1,376Burning Kethotum
4Dragon KnightSnoozy1,249Ferea
5Heist Gun CrusherBananaMan1,123Temple of Arnil
6Majestic Rune WizardJulia1,118Kubera Mine
7Empire LordImmortaL1,087Crimson Flame Icarus
8Heist Gun CrusherGunGun1,060Ferea
9Luminous WizardNoName1,050Atlans Abyss 3
10Mystic MageQueen1,047Atlans Abyss 3
11Luminous WizardGandalf1,001Lorencia
12Noble ElfCleopatra1,000Deep Dungeon
13Noble ElfSilverWing992Deep Dungeon
14Soul WizardDracula951Ferea
15Dragon KnightHDxG4ngter951Swamp of Darkness
16Luminous WizardHDxGangter943Swamp of Darkness
17Magic KnightxHDxMagic939Swamp of Darkness
18Dragon KnightGrohGroh917Ferea
19Empire LordHDxBig915Swamp of Darkness
20Mystic MageXena905Ferea
21Mystic MageHDxSuper897Swamp of Darkness
22Dragon KnightSeighart870Swamp of Darkness
23Luminous WizardxCANABISx856Kubera Mine
24Noble ElfLonCaiHoi846Deep Dungeon
25Soul WizardZNOOKI846Old Kethotum
27Soul Wizard1ConRuoi841Kanturu
28Dragon Knight1PhatChet836Deep Dungeon
29Soul WizardPuzz831Nixie Lake
30Luminous WizardZEUS821Devias
31Noble ElfBUFF821Devias
32Dragon KnightFABO821Lorencia
33Empire LordLORD821Lorencia
34Magic KnightKRIS821Lorencia
35Dragon KnightGoogle819Swamp of Darkness
36Mystic MageStropinela814Karutan 2
37SlaughtererMakittaGas811Nixie Lake
38Luminous WizardLumiLee806Nixie Lake
39Mystic MageArgo805Nixie Lake
40Soul WizardSewerRat89804Nixie Lake
41Mystic MagexxxVVAVVzz804Swamp of Darkness
42Dragon KnightBkLau802Nixie Lake
43Mystic MageBiancaa802Noria
44Heist Gun CrusherNORT801Swamp of Darkness
45Noble ElfHeroin801Swamp of Darkness
46Luminous WizardJol7800Swamp of Darkness
47Dragon KnightKetamin800Swamp of Darkness
48Empire LordhUtec800Swamp of Darkness
49Luminous WizardCMPUNK800Elbeland
50Grand MasterMrTom793Deep Dungeon
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